Confederate General Thomas “Stonewell” Jackson stands on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol

Statues and Monuments Are Not Our Only History Lessons

The call for the removal of certain statues and monuments is not the erasing of history; it is recognizing history.

William Lloyd Garrison looking over Commonwealth Ave.
The Confederacy is something that needs to be taught, preserved and contextualized, and one of those places is the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia
Confederate history has a place for monuments on the battlefields, museums and historic sites directly tied to their actions — where the history can be properly taught. This is on the Petersburg National Battlefield in Virginia.
Savannah, Georgia is an excellent city to visit and they do a great job at memorializing their local history with context and diversity.
The Minuteman Statue in Lexington, MA is a stirring tribute to those in the American Revolution — but the statue alone falls short in telling its story.

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